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A new "Tom Clancy's universe" game will be announced tomorrow

UPDATE: First footage shown.

UPDATE 18/7/21: Ubisoft has released the first snippet of footage from its upcoming, untitled Tom Clancy game on Twitter via IGN.

The short clip shows Call of Duty-style gunplay in areas reminiscent of The Division. A full reveal of the game is coming tonight at 7pm UK time.

Here's a look:

ORIGINAL STORY 17/7/21: Ubisoft will announce a new game set in "the Tom Clancy's universe" tomorrow, 19th July, 2021.

Watch on YouTube

The developer/publisher refrained from detailing anything else other than confirming that the reveal would take place at 7pm UK time (11am PT) tomorrow, 17th July, and shared a curious three-second-long teaser that features a lot of stickers and neon. Here, take a look for yourself:

The tweet links to a YouTube video entitled "New Tom Clancy's Game Worldwide Reveal" and promises "things are going to get wild".

Curiously, the apostrophe in the Tom Clancy's logo is depicted as an X, which may suggest this is a "crossover"-esque game that possibly features stories and characters from across the studio's extensive Tom Clancy's catalogue, such as Splinter Cell and The Division. Or it doesn't, of course. All we can do at this point is speculate, but at least there's not too long to wait - guess we'll find out for sure one way or the other tomorrow at 7pm, eh?

ICYMI, Ubisoft has delayed Rainbow Six Extraction by four months and Riders Republic by just under two months. Rainbow Six Extraction - which had been scheduled to release on 16th September - is now due out at some point in January 2022, while Riders Republic has been pushed from its 2nd September launch and will now release on 28th October 2021.

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