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Now you can drive a Ferrari in Fortnite

Gear up.

Fortnite has added the Ferrari 296 GTB to its battle royale island.

The speedy new vehicle is the game's most realistic to date, with its model taken from the car configurator software Ferrari used to design the model, and now offers to customers to customise.

Like Fortnite, this software uses Unreal Engine - so not only is this a neat addition for the game, it's also a digital showroom for Epic Games' engine.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Ferrari 296 GTB Comes To The Fortnite Island As A New Vehicle

Fortnite fans will note the Ferrari 296 GTB simply replaces the game's previous Whiplash car model - the speediest vehicle in the game, though one whose boost would drastically drain your petrol gauge.

The car is the star of several in-game quests this week, prompting players to take notice - and also take the wheel.

And finally, of course, you can also now buy a set of Ferrari-branded outfits in Fortnite's item shop. Bet these will go fast.