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Valheim's Hearth and Home update will make it easier to store treasure

Making ends mead.

We've all been there - chests overflowing with gold, rubies on the floor, amber pearls somehow floating around in your food storage. And not a merchant in sight to help you spend it all. But the upcoming Hearth and Home update for Valheim should help with your treasure storage problems, as it's due to add a bunch of shiny new items to help you create your own bank vault.

As explained in a blog post, the developers at Iron Gate are now returning from their summer holidays to continue work on Hearth and Home, which is the first major update for Valheim since its launch. The team are apparently still on track to deliver the update "this very quarter", so we shouldn't have to wait much longer to see all the delicious goodies arriving in the patch (like Eyescream, Shocklate Smoothies and the ominously-named "wolf meats").

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This update isn't just about food, however, and you'll soon be able to create your very own treasure trove. Coin stacks and coin piles will be added as items that can be crafted from your excess gold. If you don't want it all on display, you can store your bling in a special treasure chest. And if you want to secure all your earnings, you might want to craft the new iron gate.

In other good news, it sounds like Iron Gate has expanded its team size. At launch, it had a dev team of only five people, and the influx of millions of players meant the team had to focus on urgent bug fixing - resulting in some delays to the planned update schedule. A programmer, an animator and a QA manager are all joining the team next month. Soon the Iron Gate offices will be heathen.

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