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Valheim's long-awaited Mistlands expansion available to try today


Fans of Viking survival sandbox Valheim, take note. Today's the day you can finally test out the game's long-awaited new Mistlands biome update via Valheim's test branch.

Mistlands adds new creatures, enemies, weapons and crafting materials, and is available to try today via Valheim's latest test build, available from both Steam and the Microsoft Store.

A fresh trailer shows some of the Mistlands' fresh friends and foes, some of its new areas, and magic system - including magical staves.

Our latest look at Valheim's Mistlands.

Prefer some more cosy fun? Mistlands also adds new furniture and building possibilities to pimp out your Viking homestead. There are also new recipes to cook, and a refreshed fishing system to dangle your rod in.

"We've put so much time into Mistlands to make its atmosphere just right, and are proud to finally give players a peek at what the new biome contains," said Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studio. "We're thankful for everyone's patience and can't wait for the secrets of Mistlands to be unveiled."

There's no word yet on when Mistlands will fully launch.

Valheim had an explosive launch on Steam back in 2021, though things have quietened down a little since then.

The game passed 10m sales in April this year. At the end of September, Valheim launched into Game Pass for PC. A console edition for Xbox is due to release sometime in mid 2023.

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