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Smitten by 'the Cat game' Stray

Plus: As Dusk Falls impresses! Valheim a few years on! And more.

Well look who we've got on Weekly today: it's Ian Higton all the way over from YouTube land, where everyone communicates in video. He's here to talk about virtual reality as often as he can, as well as tell us about changes on the Eurogamer video team. Aoife, if you didn't know, is off on maternity leave. Good luck, Aoife!

Also joining me today is guides editor Lottie Lynn who reviewed the game everyone's meowing about: Stray. Have you and your pet played it yet?

Meanwhile, I talk more about the other big game that came out last week, As Dusk Falls, which I really liked, and we dig into Valheim 'a few years later' following Emma's State of the Game piece about it.

That plus some Saints Row chat, some Stanley Parable chat, a bit of Halo Infinite co-op chat, and a rundown of all the headlines that caught my eye around the site this week. Can Ian resist buying the Lego Atari 2600 set? We find out.

Weekly is a roundup show that catches you up with the week on Eurogamer and discusses some of the bigger topics in more depth. Premium supporters of the site get the episodes first, on Friday, whereas everyone else listens from Monday.

That's it, I hope you enjoy it, and we'll see you again on Friday.

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