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Valheim adds a hard mode

And also an easy one.

Viking survival game Valheim now has difficulty options, so you can make the experience a little easier - or more difficult, if you prefer.

Developer Iron Gate Studio has said it hopes these options will encourage potential players previously put off by Valheim's sometimes unforgiving nature to give the game a go.

As you'd expect, hard mode buffs enemy HP and damage output. Easy mode, as Iron Gate puts it, caters to those seeking "a lighter, more accomodating adventure ideal for the pacifists and builders".

Valheim arrived on Xbox consoles earlier this year.Watch on YouTube

The options arrive today as part of the Hildir's Request update, which welcomes "merchant à la mode" Hildir and her wares to the game. This means a range of cosmetic upgrades are coming, with the finest in Viking fashion for those who want fancier dresses, tunics and hats.

Hildir also sells fireworks, because why not pair explosives with flammable costumes and clothing.

For starters, you'll need to help Hildir recover her store inventory, and gather the right parts from across Valheim's biomes to tart up your wardrobe.

As ever, Valheim remains available on PC and Xbox, including Game Pass.

Last month, Valheim's developer urged fans not to charge for PC mods, saying it was against the "open spirit" of the game's modding scene.

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