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Don't expect any new Star Wars games at EA Play Live

"But all of us look forward to celebrating with you next year."

EA has set expectations by stating it will not reveal any new Star Wars games at next week's EA Play Live.

Instead, EA said in a tweet last night, "all of us look forward to celebrating with you next year when we share our vision for the Galaxy far, far away!"

Huh. Never mind EA Play Live - that sounds like we won't see any new Star Wars games until 2022.

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EA had never suggested it would reveal any new Star Wars games next week, though exec Andrew Wilson previously said the successful Jedi: Fallen Order was the "first title in an entirely new franchise", sparking speculation a follow-up was in the works.

Then there's whatever is going on with Star Wars: The Old Republic - although this isn't being handled internally by EA.

With its 10-year exclusivity deal almost expired, EA is no longer the only publisher able to make big budget Star Wars games (indeed, Ubisoft has already announced its own open-world game set in the galaxy far, far away). But that doesn't mean EA is done creating Star Wars titles.

Back to EA Play Live, BioWare recently said it would also not show anything - so don't expect any updates on the next Dragon Age or Mass Effect.

What will be there? EA has said to expect new Battlefield 2042 details, including a look at the part of the game developed by Ripple Effect (the recently re-named DICE LA). The event will also feature Apex Legends and Lost in Random (the next game from Fe developer Zoink).

Sci-fi fans may not be left in the cold, however. An earlier report suggested EA will announce its upcoming, under-wraps Dead Space revival at the show.

EA Play Live broadcasts at 6pm next Thursday, 22nd July, as is due to run for 40 minutes.

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