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Here's when EA Play Live will take place

Battlefield! Apex! BioWare? FIFA.

EA has now put a time on EA Play Live, its big upcoming summer announcements show coming a month later than E3.

You'll be able to tune in for the pre-show at 6pm UK time (10am Pacific) on 22nd July, EA said. WWE star Austin Creed, AKA Xavier Wood, will host.

How long will the pre-show be? When will the actual show start? EA has not provided either of these details, presumably in a bid to hook you in earlier and have you watching the whole thing.

Cover image for YouTube videoBattlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer

We're expecting a detailed look at new Battlefield 2042 gameplay, following DICE's recent reveal. The franchise is set for a big comeback this year - all eyes will be on its showing next month to see if it looks the business.

Naturally, this year's FIFA and other sports titles are also due for an airing. We'll also likely get an update on what's next for Apex Legends.

A report surfaced this week suggesting EA Motive was working on a fan-favourite franchise revival, with GamesBeat specifically saying we'd see that project announced here.

And it's around this time every year we get another update on how things are going at BioWare. Has the next Dragon Age gotten any closer?

As ever, we'll be reporting live.