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Microsoft Flight Simulator will take up around 100GB on your Xbox

Microsoft Flab Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will reportedly take up almost 100GB on Xbox consoles.

The news came via Twitter user Idle Sloth, who showed that if you select "Manage with Game Pass" on the the game's Xbox Store page, it'll give you the full install size: 97.2GB.

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As our pals at Pure Xbox report, that's just the standard edition, too, so depending upon what flavour current-gen Xbox you're running - the X or S - and what edition you'd like to play, it may take up even more than that.

Here's hoping the console version will also benefit from a size reduction, sooner rather than later; a recent PC update has drastically cut the amount of space the game takes up on PC.

As Matt recently explained, Microsoft Flight Simulator received much praise when it launched on PC at the end of last year, in large part thanks to its utterly staggering rendition of the entire world - one that Asobo has continued to build on with regular free sim updates and visual overhauls for the likes of Japan, the United States, France, Benelux, the UK, and Ireland.

Microsoft Flight Simulator touches down on Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass for console on 27th July, giving us plenty of time to get ready for a Top Gun crossover that's coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC on 19th November this year. Tying in with Paramount Pictures' upcoming Top Gun: Maverick movie, the expansion promises to give players first-hand experience of "what it's like to be a US Navy Top Gun".