Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

A technical marvel, as well as an education and exploration of the joys of flight.

Key events

Microsoft Flight Simulator opens sign-ups for VR closed beta

And its next World Update will spruce up the US.

What's the best controller for Flight Simulator?

From budget to high-end recommendations.

Steam users want Microsoft Flight Simulator refund time extended

UPDATE: Valve says post-install download time won't impact refunds.

Flight Simulator multiplayer: How to play online, invite friends, and other multiplayer modes explained

How to fly alongside other players - and explore the world with your friends.

Flight Simulator Achievements list

A list of all the Achievements available in the 2020 edition of Flight Simulator.

Flight Simulator camera views and 'photo mode' explained: How to go to third-person and use Active Pause

How to look outside of the cockpit - and use the game's version of a 'photo mode'.

Flight Simulator release time in BST, CEST, EDT and PDT explained

When you can soar into the skies on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

Flight Simulator Xbox version details: Everything we know so far about the console release

What to expect from the upcoming Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Flight Simulator specs, download size: Minimum, Recommended and Ideal requirements explained

Everything you need to know about getting ready to play Flight Simulator.

FeatureChasing Storm Isaias in Microsoft Flight Simulator

How accurate exactly is the weather in the forthcoming sim?

Microsoft is having a good time on Steam right now

Grounded! Microsoft Flight Simulator! Sea of Thieves! More!

Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Steam

Day and date release in August.

VR is coming to MS Flight Sim later this year

Launching alongside HP's G2 Reverb, further support coming after.

FeatureMicrosoft Flight Simulator is a once-in-a-generation wow moment

Taking to the skies with the most striking looking game of the year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator launches August 2020 on PC

UPDATE: Premium edition Heathrow better than standard Heathrow, MS clarifies.