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Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition details have landed

First ever City Update available free today.

More details about the 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator have been released to celebrate the return of Gamescom.

Previously, a few of the aircraft to appear in it were confirmed for the special edition during the Xbox Showcase back in June.

Meanwhile, the game's first ever city update, available from today, is detailed in an Xbox blog. Five German photogrammetry cities have been added to the game: Hanover, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Bonn and Cologne. Players can download the update for free from the game's marketplace and take in the sights of Germany from the air.

Cover image for YouTube videoMicrosoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition - Coming November 11
Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition trailer.

The blog goes on to reveal more about the 40th Anniversary Edition. It'll be available as a free upgrade to anyone who owns the game and Xbox Game Pass members. Highly requested features from the Flight Simulator community will be included too, including helicopters and gliers (which haven't featured in the series since 2006) and a fully working Airbus A-310, in that "nearly every single button works just as expected".

Other features coming to the 40th Anniversary Edition include historical aircraft, new airports and new missions. In total, 12 aircraft, 12 heliports, 12 glider airports, six classic commercial airports, and 20 historic franchise missions will be added with the free update. The update is sets for arrival on 11th November. The sky's the limit, eh?