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New Apex Legend Seer is "all about tracking enemies"

Arriving in Emergence season next month.

Apex Legends' latest character Seer was introduced in a Stories from the Outlands video earlier this week, and we now know a little more about his abilities. Oh, and there's a snazzy new video for the new season.

During this evening's EA Play event, game director Chad Grenier discussed Seer's abilities, describing him as similar to Bloodhound and "all about tracking enemies". Aiming down the sights will bring up a heartbeat sensor that will hint at an enemy's location. His tactical, meanwhile, sends drones out of his chest to reveal and track an enemy's location. Seer's ultimate also makes use of his microdrones, using them to create a sphere that senses enemies who move through it.

Cover image for YouTube videoApex Legends: Emergence Launch Trailer
Apex Legends: Emergence Launch Trailer

For those who are concerned Seer may be a little bit too similar to Bloodhound, Grenier assured players that the new legend is more about stealth, and is able to gather "precise and lingering information".

Seer, of course, is arriving in the next Apex Legends season, which is titled Emergence. The new season is also due to finally introduce a ranked mode for Arenas, a much-requested system that will apparently work a little differently to Ranked Battle Royale. Respawn is releasing a gameplay trailer for the new season on Monday, which should hopefully dive further into Seer's abilities, while the new season itself is set to launch on 3rd August.