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The Melody Pokémon research tasks and rewards: How to get Meloetta, Pikachu Rock Star and Pikachu Pop Star in Pokémon Go

How to catch Meloetta during Go Fest 2021.

The Melody Pokémon is the branching special research quest released during Go Fest 2021 in Pokémon Go, which allows you to add Meloetta to your Pokédex.

Since Meloetta's initial release is part of Go Fest 2021, you must purchase a ticket to the event if you wish to access this questline. Meloetta will, however, most likely be made available to every player via a new special research quest in a similar manner to past mythical Pokémon, like Victini and Celebi.

Throughout The Melody Pokémon you'll be asked to choose between two different research paths, which will include choosing between Pikachu Rock Star and Pikachu Pop Star.

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'The Melody Pokémon' quest tasks, rewards and branching paths in Pokémon Go explained

The Melody Pokémon is a branching special research quest in Pokémon Go, which consists of NUMBER stages and has no set deadline.

You do, however, have to purchase a Go Fest 2021 ticket to access this questline.

Due to being a branching quest, The Melody Pokémon will, at specific stages, offer you the choice of two different paths. Your decision will affect the rewards you receive when completing this stage.

Below you'll find all the available paths for The Melody Pokémon, along with the challenges and rewards, so look out for spoilers!

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 1 of 11

  • Earn a heart with your Buddy - 1 Incense
  • Use an Incense - 50 PokéBalls
  • Catch 10 Pokémon - 500 XP

Rewards: 500 Stardust, 1 Super Incubator and 50 PokéBalls.

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 2 of 11

During Step 2, you'll have to choose between Pikachu Rock Star and Pikachu Pop Star.

You can't alter your choice once it's made, so choose carefully! You'll receive your chosen Pikachu once you complete Stage 3.

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 3 of 11

  • Hatch an Egg - 25 Great Balls
  • Catch 20 Pokémon - 500 Stardust
  • Take a snapshot - 500 XP

Rewards: 10 Razz Berries, 10 Pinap Berries and, depending on your choice, either Pikachu Rock Star or Pikachu Pop Star encounter.

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 4 of 11

You need to choose between Zigzagoon and Ponyta during this stage.

Remember - you can't change your choice once it's set and you'll receive the Pokémon after completing Stage 5.

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 5 of 11

Rewards: 10 Razz Berries, 1 Incense and, depending on your choice, Meloetta-hatted Galarian Ponyta or Zigzagoon encounter.

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 6 of 11

In this stage, you need to pick between Flygon or Gardevoir.

Pick your selection carefully, because, once it's made, you can't change it and, like in the previous stages, you'll receive your selection after completing the next stage.

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 7 of 11

  • Take a snapshot - 1 Incense
  • Walk 1km - 500 XP
  • Use an Incense - 20 Ultra Balls

Rewards: 500 Stardust, 3 Rare Candies and either Meloetta-hatted Flygon or Gardevoir encounter.

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 8 of 11

  • Power up Pokémon 3 times - 1 Star Piece
  • Evolve 3 Pokémon - 3 Revives
  • Defeat 2 Team Go Rocket Grunts - 3 Hyper Potions

Rewards: 3 Max Potions, 3 Max Revives and, depending on your choice in Stage 6, 20 Trapinch or Ralts candy.

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 9 of 11

  • Send 3 Gifts to friends - 30 Great Balls
  • Catch 15 different Pokémon - 1000 XP
  • Earn a heart with your Buddy - 1000 Stardust

Rewards: 5 Golden Razz Berries, 5 Silver Pinap Berries and 1 Incense.

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 10 of 11

  • Use 10 Berries to help catch Pokémon - 1000 XP
  • Catch 10 Pokémon - 3000 Stardust
  • Earn 5000 Stardust - 3000 XP

Rewards: 1 Lucky Egg, 1 Star Piece and a Meloetta encounter.

'The Melody Pokémon' Step 11 of 11

  • Take a snapshot of Meloetta - 1 Lure Module
  • Transfer 30 Pokémon - 20 Meloetta Candy
  • Make a new friend - 3 Rare Candies

Rewards: 10 Meloetta Stickers, a Meloetta t-shirt and, if you chose Rock Star Pikachu, the Rock Star pose or, if you chose Pop Star Pikachu, the Pop Star pose.

Which The Melody Pokémon research path is the best in Pokémon Go?

When it comes to choosing The Melody Pokémon research paths in Pokémon Go, there is no 'best' route to take. This is because your choice is determined by which costume Pokémon you wish to receive - either due to their looks or moveset - and which pose you prefer.

The first choice you have to make is at Stage 2 between Pikachu Rock Star and Pikachu Pop Star, which you can learn more about in the section below.

The easiest decision you'll make during this quest will be at Stage 4 between Galarian Ponyta, by selecting 'Ponyta', and Galarian Zigzagoon from choosing 'Zigzagoon'.

Both of these Pokémon will be wearing Meloetta-inspired hats and appearing in one-star raids. This means you can easily select whichever Pokémon you prefer and then catch the other through a raid if you so wish.

Your next choice will be at Stage 6 between Gardevoir and Flygon.

This choice goes beyond aesthetics, because each one knows a Charged attack which, normally, can only be learnt by using an Elite TM. For Gardevoir, this attack is Synchronoise, a psychic-type attack, and, for Flygon, it's the ground-type move Earth Power.

Your decision will also determine whether you encounter hat-donning Gardevoir or Flygon in the wild during Go Fest 2021. The one you don't choose will still be available either incense, but it won't be wearing a hat. It will also decide whether you encounter a Meloetta hat wearing Gardevoir or Flygon when taking snapshots on Day Two (Sunday, 18th July) of Go Fest.

Finally, while not very important, your choice of Pokémon throughout NAME will ultimately determine what your Pokémon band will be called.

Thank you to xseriesx from reddit for helping with this information!

How your music band will be called in GO Fest Research from r/TheSilphRoad

Pikachu Rock Star and Pikachu Pop Stars differences in Pokémon Go explained

The biggest decision you'll make in The Melody Pokémon will be at Stage 2 over whether you prefer Pikachu Pop Star, by selecting 'Rock Star Pikachu', or Pikachu Rock Star by choosing 'Pop Star Pikachu.'

You can base your decision purely on looks, but, like with Gardevoir and Flygon, there are some important details you should know beforehand.

Firstly, the musically themed Pikachu will know different Charged moves; Pikachu Pop Star has the fairy-type attack Draining Kiss, while Pikachu Rock Star knows the steel-type move Meteor Mash.

Your choice of Pikachu also determines which pose you receive - Pikachu Rock Star unlocks the Rock Star pose and Pikachu Pop Star will grant you the Pop Star pose.

The last details to consider is that your Pikachu selection will have a small effect on your Go Fest 2021 experience, because, similar to the previous choice, it will determine which Pikachu you find when taking snapshots on Day One (Saturday, 17th July) of the event.

Your choice will also change the music playing throughout Go Fest 2021 to either a rock-and-roll track or an electro-pop inspired song. Both of these music tracks were produced by Pokémon music producer, Junichi Masuda.

How The Melody Pokémon works during Day One of Pokémon Go Fest 2021


The Melody Pokémon is the special research quest released on Day One - Saturday, 17th July - of Go Fest 2021 and is exclusive to players who purchased a ticket for the event. Completing this quest line will allow you to catch the mythical Meloetta.

To unlock this questline you must log into Pokémon Go on either Saturday, 17th July or Sunday, 18th July during the hours in which the Go Fest 2021 event is live, which are 10am to 6pm (local time).

Doing so will automatically unlock this special research quest and then, due to it having no deadline, you'll be able to complete it whenever you like.

If you don't purchase a Go Fest 2021 ticket, then you won't be able to access this research quest.

Aside from these stipulations, The Melody Pokémon works exactly like the other special research quests which unlock mythical Pokémon like Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Victini. The questline is divided into a series of steps and each one is divided into a number of challenges you need to complete. You'll then be rewarded for every individual challenge and overall set you complete.

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Branching research quests and paths in Pokémon Go explained

Branching research quests are a type of special research quest in Pokémon Go, with the first being the BIDOOF research quest. These quests offer you the choice of two paths, which then branch out into different challenge sets and different rewards.

These options are called paths and you need to select one when you reach specific stages in the research quest. You'll be asked to confirm your selection after making it and, afterwards, you won't be able to change your mind.

You'll be asked to confirm your choice of path.

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