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Mass Effect Legendary Edition mod fixes infamous Conrad Verner glitch

Armour glad about that.

A new mod for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has fixed the series' infamous save bug involving Conrad Verner - the infamous Shepard fan who loves to bug you.

The glitch caused Mass Effect 2 to incorrectly remember how you had treated Verner in Mass Effect 1, if you were nice to him. Catching up with Verner a second time, he would always react like you had put a gun in his face to get him to desist from acting like a trained N7 recruit for his own good.

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BioWare likely left this bug unpatched in the Legendary Edition as it later retconned Verner's glitched response in Mass Effect 3, where Verner apologises if he had misremembered Shepard's earlier actions.

Now, however, you can sort all this out yourself via an ingenious PC mod from Marcus22Khaar and the Mass Effect Discord Modding Community. The Conrad Verner Remembers (ME2LE) Bug Fix even works the fix into the game's story, via a datapad left in Shepard's quarters.

Interact with a new photo of Verner (supposedly sent by Verner himself to memorialise Shepard - a nice touch) and you'll get to recall how you treated him in ME1, effectively making the choice again. This time, ME2 will remember your choice, meaning he will greet you appropriately when you meet up again.

Originally a throwaway NPC, Verner became a fan-favourite character whose arc eventually gets a memorable pay off if you do interact with him across all three games. Fun fact: Verner is also the host of the Mass Effect ride at California's Great America theme park, if you ever go visit that.

A sister, Cassandra Verner, also made it to Andromeda, popping up there to continue the family's legacy.

What's next for Mass Effect? BioWare has confirmed the series will continue, but don't expect to hear anything this month at EA Play Live.