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Red Dead Online PC players can now enter some of the banks

You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.

Red Dead Online players can now enter some of the banks.

In a recent post on reddit, one player shared a video of them walking into Rhodes Bank claiming the bank was unlocked.

The banks have been closed since Red Dead Online launched in May 2019.

Having checked myself, it's sad news for fellow PlayStation players as it seems banks are only currently accessible to PC users.

The banks that seem to be open are Rhodes Bank and Lemoyne Nation Bank in Saint Denis. Valentine, Blackwater, and Armadillo banks are still locked.

There isn't much for players to do in the banks, but with the Blood Money update coming next week, fans suggest bank heists will be added.

According to the comments in the original post, some of the banks you can currently enter aren't complete, and in one case, you just slip through the map. YouTuber OnlyPVPCat uploaded a video, below, showing him unsuccessfully walk into Rhodes Bank on Xbox, but when he used PC, it was open, along with the bank in Saint Denis.

User Mphlol also confirmed you can walk into Saint Denis bank and loot the manager's office, but found a glitched area with invisible walls.

Rockstar has promised to announce more information on the Blood Money update later today.

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