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PUBG's burning planes will spice up the start of matches

Hot wings.

Last month PUBG was given a major update with the introduction of new map Taego and a Gulag-style second chance system, but there are yet more surprises in store - with multi-care packages, a secret room and... burning planes... all being added in the latest update.

The patch notes for update 13.1 for PC are now live, and detail changes for both Taego and the wider game. Possibly the most dramatic addition is a feature called the "emergency landing plane", which will definitely keep players on their toes at the start of a match. Instead of the usual calm flight above the battlegrounds, this plane starts hurtling towards the ground - while on fire - and any players who remain on board until the end of the journey will take 50 percent damage. It travels faster than the normal plane, and has a varied fall height, so you'll need to jump at the start of the journey if you want to glide further across the map.

"Stay alert and pay attention to the flight crew's instructions, as not every flight is an easy one," the patch notes say. You don't have to tell me twice.

Cover image for YouTube videoPatch Report #13.1 - TAEGO's New Features, Weapon Balance and others | PUBG
PUBG Patch 13.1

One Taego-specific feature being added in the update is the Taego Secret Room. This is filled with top-tier gear, including "items not found elsewhere on the Battlegrounds", and can be opened with a hidden key. So you'll need to scour Taego for hidden keys to access this particular treasure trove.

In response to player feedback calling for an increase in the amount of care package drops, PUBG Corp is increasing the number of drops through "additional small drops". This means that instead of one player getting all the loot, others will be able to pick up some smaller prizes from the additional crates. There will now be one standard care package, accompanied by five to 15 smaller care packages containing things like ammo, healing items and throwables - with the occasional standard care package spawn item thrown in.

The update also brings some changes to PUBG's Sanhok map, with the aim being to "improve movement flow in specific areas," along with adding additional cover. There are some wider changes to weapon balance, with snipers given some significant buffs and DMRs made more difficult to use at range. Taego item spawn rates are also being adjusted, with a significant boost in the amount of Self AEDs and stun grenades. Check out the patch notes here for the full breakdown of all these changes.

Meanwhile, dataminers have found evidence that PUBG could be getting a zombie defence mode in the near future. PlayerIGN posted a video of some of the music and zombie noises that could be a part of this mode, adding that the mode will require players to survive waves of zombies to earn coins and buy items, with everything taking place on PUBG's training map.