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We tumble down a Far Cry 6 theory rabbit hole

Mapped out.

If you're looking for in-depth video coverage of the upcoming Far Cry 6 to tide you over until its launch later this year, look no further than the excellent work Eurogamer's Ian Higton has been doing in the last few months. Hot on the heels of a video in which he picks apart over 100 little details spotted in Far Cry 6's most recent gameplay reveal during E3 week (you can check it out on our YouTube channel), Ian has since turned his attention to other, shall we say, more niche potential aspects of Far Cry 6 gameplay and lore.

First up, Ian has been painstakingly poring over gameplay from all of the Far Cry 6 trailers and videos released so far, in an effort to work out where certain key events will happen on the (naturally vast) in-game map. It's a task made all the more difficult by the fact we've yet to get a really good high quality peek at the game's map proper, but there's still plenty for Ian to go on. Watch for a lot of really rather impressive guesswork and theorising - we reckon he's correctly pinpointed at least a few of Yara's main locations. Basically, Ian has taken a blurry screenshot of a map and turned it into a big game of Geoguessr - so get comfortable and prepare yourself for, in his words, one of the deepest deep dives that have ever been deeply doven into:

Then again, if Far Cry 6's geography doesn't interest you, maybe a potential superhero subplot in which you gain superhuman powers might? In the next video, Ian questions whether a blink-and-you-miss-it memo holds a secret hint that Dani Rojas could get superhuman powers in Far Cry 6. Or, is it all a slightly too wild conspiracy theory that leads absolutely nowhere? Well look, either interpretation is possible but either way it's a highly entertaining watch. So, allow Ian to dive into some Far Cry 6 Viviro drug theories, and how they may link to Far Cry 5's Bliss drug, below:

Finally, if it's fan theories and green screen vomming you're after, then boy do I have the extremely specific list video for you. Ian's on a boat in this one, for reasons known only to himself and his gods, utilising a fancy multi-camera set-up to present six Far Cry 6 fan theories with varying degrees of 'yeah-that-could-happen'ness'. Is Anton Castillo really Dani's father? Is Diego actually Vaas? Perhaps Diego is the real big bad of the game? Or is this all just a Viviro induced fever dream? At any rate, click for the masterful greenscreen, stay for the delicious, freewheeling theorising:

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