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Apex Legends' Caustic and Fuse getting buffs in Emergence patch

Aussie what you did there.

We've already heard a little about new Apex Legend Seer's abilities, but some existing characters are also getting a rejig in upcoming season Emergence, with both Caustic and Fuse due to get some buffs.

As explained by Gamespot, Caustic's gas will no longer deal a flat five ticks of damage per second. Instead, it will increase in damage every other second: for instance, causing 5,5,6,6,7,7 points of damage, with no limit on how much it can increase. Balancing this out, however, the gas cloud created by Caustic's Nox Gas Grenade will disappear five seconds faster.

Apex Legends: Emergence Launch TrailerWatch on YouTube

Fuse is getting some even more significant (and much-needed) improvements, with his Knuckle Cluster lasting twice as long, and his Motherlode ability now highlighting enemies. Any enemy caught in the blast will be highlighted, even if they are hidden behind a building or wall.

Horizon, meanwhile, is also getting a slight buff: her maneuverability while using Gravity Lift is being brought closer to how it was in Season 7, although apparently this is not a "total revert".

Following Revenant's recent climbing buff, it seems Respawn felt a small nerf was necessary, so enemies will get a visual and audio warning when Death Totem is about to end (alerting them to when Revenant's team will be vulnerable).

Apex Legends: Emergence Gameplay TrailerWatch on YouTube

Last night Respawn released a gameplay trailer for Emergence, showing a little glimpse of how Seer's abilities work in the field. Perhaps more interestingly, it revealed that the Rampage LMG can be boosted with Thermite Grenades to increase its fire rate - and the weapon can even shoot down doors. Oh, and also World's Edge is on fire. Something to look forward to when Emergence arrives on 3rd August.

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