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F2P Vita RPG Destiny of Spirits ends service in June

But provides discounts and goodies until then.

Destiny of Spirits, the free-to-play Vita RPG by Lumines and Rez developer Q-Entertainment, will end its service on 30th June 2015, Sony has announced.

But until then, it will be hosting a "Fan Appreciation Campaign," in which the in-game currency is discounted.

In honour of its first anniversary this week, Destiny Orbs will be 30 per cent off. These will cease to be available for purchase on 28th April.

Furthermore, Super Rare spirit Kichipee has returned, the drop rate for advanced summons has been quintupled, and the drop rate for Neo World Summons has doubled. All limited summons will be returning as well, so you can snag the ones you missed.

Sony will also be giving out goodies to players on a regular basis until the game's servers shut down. Everyday players will receive 3000 Spirit Points, and every month they'll get a bounty of 100 Destiny Orbs, seven Jokers from each element, and three SR Spirits.

Popular Raids from the past will be returning in the weeks ahead. For the full schedule and more details about the Fan Appreciation Campaign, head on over to the PlayStation Blog.

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