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New Fortnite video debuts upcoming weapons, enemies and traps

Watch a half-hour of new gameplay footage.

Epic Games has shown off a half hour of new gameplay footage from its upcoming build-'em-up zombie defense game Fortnite.

This latest dev diary has revealed the upcoming grenade launcher that can not only destroy clusters of monsters, but damage buildings too in an Earth Defense Force fashion. Given that you collect material by destroying objects, the grenade launcher will be just as useful for collecting heaps of wood as it will be for slaying hordes of foes. There's also a new hammer called the Rocket Sledge.

Furthermore, all melee weapons - such as hammers, axes and swords - will have their own combo system, with light and heavy attacks that you can switch between for unique combos.

Epic also unveiled an upcoming enemy called the Smasher, which does a lot more damage to buildings as it tries to break down your defenses.

Of course, there are plenty of traps you can place to thwart these foes. Like placing jump pads beneath a slanted roof to knock husks into a pit.

The new gameplay footage begins at around the 19 minute mark in the following video:

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