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Postal 2 expansion Paradise Lost announced, out today

Snail mail.

More than a decade after its release, first-person shooter Postal 2 is getting a new expansion.

No, not Portal 2. Postal 2.

Campaign add-on Paradise Lost launches via Steam today and offers a new single-player story, alongside free-roam gameplay across new areas.

The expansion will once again feature protagonist the Dude - voiced by his original actor.

New features include dual-wielding guns and controller support. You can also choose between peaceful and violent decisions, to act as "a wussy pacifist" or wipe out everyone in your way.

The controversial shooter was originally launched back in 2003, when it caused a bit of a backlash due to its focus on violent and offensive themes. It didn't review well.

See how the new Paradise Lost looks in the gameplay trailer below:

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