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Vince Desi defends Uwe Boll

CEO says Postal film will be ace.

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Following the recent announcement that a big screen adaptation of Postal is in the works, Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi has gone on record to defend his decision to allow Uwe Boll to direct the film.

"Uwe Boll is a controversial film director, we are controversial game developers. I respect Uwe tremendously, he literally puts his money where is camera is, in your face," Desi told US website 1UP.

"Most important Uwe is a true Postal fan, loves the game, understands what RWS is really about and wants us to help him from the script to casting... For all the negative email I got about Uwe making the Postal movie, I got a helluva lot more from fans excited that there will be a movie."

So what was Desi's main motivation for choosing Boll? Well, "He wasn't some arrogant Hollywood pr---," apparently.

."Lets be honest here, if talent was a true requirement for the entertainment industry, then most of Hollywood, and the music industry would be unemployed," Desi went on.

"Have you looked at TV lately, talk about endless junk, my dog can't even watch the crap the networks put on TV... Back to Uwe, the fact that he's honest, hard working and wants us to be directly involved, that's what made him the right man for the job."

Desi said he couldn't give a toss about the fact that everyone hates Uwe Boll's previous films, such as House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark, and that he reckons the Postal movie will be a hit: " I do believe that the potential for a successful Postal movie is very real, more than the game, because so many more folks can go and see it and relate for themselves."

As for what the film's actually going to be about, Desi said it will be "based on the Postal concept, using certain key elements and characters from the game, but we are not translating the game action for action or weapon for weapon.

"That's not to say we won't pi-- or throw up on someone in the movie," he added. Phew.

"Clearly we want to include some of the classic characters and elements of the Postal franchise, but we are also going to be introducing new characters, new weapons, and new insanely curious adventures," Desi continued.

"Hollywood has this natural ability to rape and ruin original works. The reason I like working with Uwe Boll is that he wants to make the same movie we do, an honest bold visual over the top celluloid expression of everything that's supposed to be right but somehow isn't.

"Tom Cruise will not be starring as The Postal dude," Desi concluded. We're sure he's very disappointed.

According to Desi, the Postal movie is currently in the development stage and they're working on turning the treatment into a script. It's due out in 2007.

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