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Postal to go on show at Nobel museum

As part of freedom of speech exhibition.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Controversial and fundamentally rubbish videogame Postal 2 is going on show at Sweden's Nobel Museum.

It's forming part of an exhibition titled Freedom of Speech: How Free is Free?, according to MTV Multiplayer.

As the museum's website states, the exhibition explores issues of censorship, oppression and responsibility, asking questions such as, "What happens when freedom of expression is used as protection to spread prejudices and messages of hate?"

There's a section all about censorship in games, which is where Postal 2 comes in - much to the delight of developer Running With Scissors.

"Having something something of a heavy crush on freedom of speech ourselves, RWS was only too happy to co-operate," the company said in a statement. They've even overlooked any potential copyright issues and given the museum cover art from the game.

Freedom of Speech: How Free is Free? opens on 12th February, if you're likely to be around Stockholm then.

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