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Postal opens on 13 screens in the US

Boll is quiet (for once) on opening gross.

Videogaming's second favourite* hate figure, Uwe Boll, has seen his latest game-to-movie adaptation Postal open at long last in the United States - after almost a year of delays.

Boll had been worried that the film would open on only four screens across the country, but in the end it managed 13. Still a disaster, then, but over three times better than the absolute disaster he'd predicted.

However, film industry bible Variety reports that no weekend gross figures have been received for Postal - and Rentrak, the USA's box office service, doesn't have figures either, with Boll's distribution firm not reporting numbers to either. Even bomb movies generally report figures, according to Variety, which makes this quite unusual.

Variety's conclusion is the Boll is making himself look like "an ass" - that slight rumble you just felt was caused by the heads of millions of gamers all nodding simultaneously.

The sad part of all this is that Postal is arguably the best of Boll's movies to date - it's rude, infantile and offensive, but that's the whole point, and we got a good dose of laughter out of it when we saw it at London's FrightFest last August. It looks like making a fun movie might just be too little, too late for Germany's film-making bruiser, though.

* Come on, the guy is no Jack Thompson. Seriously.