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Uwe Boll paid dev to appear in Postal 3

"You can have fun with him."

Developer Running with Scissors has revealed German film-maker Uwe Boll has paid to appear in Postal 3.

"Uwe Boll paid us to put him in the game," Vince Desi, RWS boss, told Eurogamer Germany. "We agreed when he licensed the movie rights."

Boll directed the atrocious big-screen adaptation of Postal last year, which was awarded an astounding 0 per cent from the New York Daily News, according to Metacritic.

"Uwe will be presented as himself and of course you can have fun with him, it's Postal!" said Desi.

"Over time my thoughts have changed about the movie and my personal feelings are a separate issue. My main complaint with the movie was that it was too long, and could have been edited down at least another 10 minutes, this would have greatly improved the tempo and helped with the humour.

"I like Uwe and consider him a friend, I don't agree with those who scream for his head, they should try to make a movie then they can criticise him," he added.

Boll has responded to outspoken critics by fighting them inside a boxing ring. He decked SomethingAwful's Rick "Lowtax" Kyanka and even offered-out Hollywood director Michael Bay.

Running with Scissors is currently working on Postal III for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. There's no date, despite early press-released promises of a late 2008 launch. We do know the third-person shooter will be built using the Source engine and aims to be "the sickest and craziest game ever".

All we've seen so far, however, is a marketing video from E3 that features girls in pants.