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Uwe Boll decks another critic

Consistently painful.

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Everyone's favourite film director Uwe Boll continues to enjoy success in the boxing ring, as his campaign to bring down the people who slag off his films on the Internet by punching them in the head claims another victim.

This time it's Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka of SomethingAwful fame, who makes a good show of it but eventually gets knocked down by the Raging Boll, who lands a couple of pretty vicious punches that leave his opponent sprawled on the canvas.

As with his previous victim, the video of Boll's bout has pitched up on YouTube.

Boll has previously said that he'll include a few of these clips in his forthcoming adaptation of Postal, which is just as well really, as they're a lot more convincing than any of the violence he filmed for BloodRayne.

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