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Postal rejected from Google Play due to "gratuitous violence"

"We immediately filed an appeal and that was rejected."

A port of the 1997 mass murdering game Postal has been rejected from Google Play due to "gratuitous violence", according to its developer Running With Scissors.

"It seems we have hit a bit of a snag," the developer said on its official forum. "Unfortunately it appears Postal has been rejected from Google Play due to it containing "gratuitous violence". Sadly this means it won't be welcomed alongside the Grand Theft Auto series, Carmageddon and horde of Zombie games on Google Play."

While Google Play is the most popular marketplace for Android apps, it's not the only one. "There are other outlets though so fear not Postal fans," the developer continued. "While this is disappointing for us, it won't stop you from being able to play Postal on your favourite Android device. We are looking into Humble Store, Amazon and other Android App stores."

"We immediately filed an appeal and that was rejected," the developer said in a correspondence with Eurogamer. "Trying now to speak to an actual human being with a f****** brain."

Running with Scissors wrote on Twitter, "Postal was rejected by @googleplay due to gratuitous violence, yet they sell the entire GTA series. #whatyearisit".

Indeed Google Play introduced a new age-rating system last month making apps subject to greater scrutiny than they were in the past. Additionally, Google's support documentation noted that "Apps that include gratuitous real violence [are] not permitted on Google Play."

In other Running With Scissors news, it's releasing its Postal 2 expansion, Paradise Lost, on Steam on 17th April. That's right, it's new DLC for a 12-year-old game. It's going to look a little something like this:

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