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Watch 2.5 minutes of Housemarque's Alienation in co-op

Features three character classes and a "ton of weapon customisations".

Housemarque, the studio behind Resogun and Super Stardust, has released 2.5 minutes of gameplay footage from its upcoming PS4-exclusive co-op twin-stick shooter Alienation.

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As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Alienation will have a huge emphasis on tactics and cooperation. It will feature three different character classes, "plenty of loot", and a "ton of weapon customisations".

"The number of different team set-ups is astronomical," Housemarque stated. "The first reaction to seeing the gameplay footage might feel a bit like confetti shot from a minigun (we like explosions), but the game actually relies heavily on tactical teamwork amidst all the chaos."

"The run and gun strategy will get you a few victories, but it will not win the war. Coordination and building trust with your teammates will ultimately be the difference between life and death," the developer added.

Alienation looks a bit like Housemarque's own Dead Nation bred with Diablo, only more explody. I'm not complaining.

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