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Look at League of Legends-maker Riot's new office

Sorry, campus.

What does a new office look like for a company that runs one of the most successful games on the planet? That game is League of Legends, played by millions, and the company is Riot Games.

The place is Los Angeles - West LA specifically - and the new office is a very trendy campus not far away from the old Santa Monica HQ. Staff haven't moved in yet but will soon, wrote Riot on its website.

The foyer has an impressive League of Legends statue featuring LOL characters Annie and Tibbers, and there's a a Korean-styled PC gaming area (known as a "PC bang") as well as arcade cabinets for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and The Simpsons nearby.

The hangar-sized, steel ventilation shaft-sporting building has garage-style doors that open on pleasant days to flush in fresh air, and there are numerous meeting rooms in the middle all themed around LOL champions.

There are nearly 100 "breakout rooms", four atriums and a quad with garden. There are five buildings surrounding the quad, presumably including the Bilgewater Brew coffee/food shop, and there are walking routes and hidden nooks and seating for meeting outside.

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