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Driver Speedboat Paradise is out now on mobile devices

"Bring down the powerboat mafia."

Driver Speedboat Paradise, the Hydro Thunder-like spin-off of Ubisoft's popular driving series, is out now as a free-to-play download on iOS and Android.

Speedboat Paradise has the best premise for an aqua-based action affair since Speed 2: Cruise Control. Playing as "legendary cop" John Tanner, your mission is to "bring down the powerboat mafia." Yes, there's a Powerboat Mafia. And you must shut them down by... racing in speedboats. Of course!

At any rate, there are six game modes consisting of: Classic, Time Trial, Duel, Escape, Endurance and Drag Racing. By completing various challenges you'll be able to upgrade and customise 20 different types of speedboats.

Here's how Driver Speedboat Paradise looks in action:

Cover image for YouTube videoDriver Speedboat Paradise -- Launch Trailer [Europe]
Cops and robbers racing in speedboats. Like that 30 seconds of Face-Off made into a full game.