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Video: What happens if you delete P.T. from your PS4?

Ian takes the plunge to see if you can still get it back.

P.T. is gone, no more. Its metabolic processes are now history.

Ian deletes P.T.

Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's Silent Hills project has been canned, and its critically-lauded playable teaser now removed for download.

Konami pulled P.T. from the PlayStation Store last night. Enterprising PS4 owners are already offering consoles with the demo downloaded for up to $1k on eBay.

But what if you delete the game by accident, or missed the deadline for re-downloading it again? Does the fact that Konami removed P.T. now mean it is gone from your personal Library and Sony's servers, too?

There was only one way to find out - and that was by getting one of our own to delete their precious copy of P.T., then simply hope for the best. (Spoilers: everything turned out okay.)

Take it away, Ian:

Cover image for YouTube videoWhat happens if you delete P.T.?

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