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Destiny data miners dig up two new social spaces

Plus! An exotic class space ship!

Destiny's data miners are at it again, this time digging into the recently released patch 1.1.2 to uncover plans for two new social spaces.

Reddit user ShdwFlm did the dirty work. We already knew expansion two, House of Wolves, would include a new social space set in the Reef. Now we know it's called Queen's Bay. This is where you'll collect Reef bounties and get your hands dirty with the new Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris activities.

But there's also mention of Halls of Amentet, which is described as a totally new social space that requires experience in Trials of Osiris. Current speculation suggests it's a small, three-player social hub.

Elsewhere, the new strike is called The Shadow Thief and set on the moon. You have to infiltrate a Fallen Ketch and kill an angry chap called Taniks-Syn.

The data miners discovered additional detail on three new story missions, three quests, and one raid. Bungie's already said House of Wolves does not contain a new raid, so this is in reference to The Prison of Elders. This pits you against "the solar system's deadliest enemies", so perhaps we'll see enemy variation in a horde-style wave-based mode.

House of Wolves includes three new player versus player maps, but the data miners discovered reference to five. Black Shield is mentioned as being set on Phobos, one of Mars' moons. Perhaps we'll visit Phobos at some point in the future. MM Test Factory remains a mystery.

And among the 46 new ship schematics is an Exotic class one, called Manus Celer Dei.

House of Wolves comes out 19th May.

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