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Jet Set Radio spiritual successor Hover now on Early Access

Skaters gonna skate.

Last year I wrote about Hover: Revolt of Gamers, an open-world parkour game that resembles the neon offspring of Jet Set Radio, Mirror's Edge and Tony Hawk. Now, that game is out on Steam Early Access.

Like Jet Set Radio, Hover lets you mark your territory with graffiti.

Priced at £14.99 (but on sale for £12.74 until 13th April), Hover tasks players with playing cops and robbers in a futuristic metropolis where video games are outlawed. As such, you can form alliances with other players to steal contraband consoles, bust their heists or challenge them to races.

Players can also customise their own missions and seamlessly drop in and out of multiplayer. "Wherever you are and what you are doing in the city, running around or in the middle of a mission, it'll be possible to connect to a server, instantly switching to multiplayer," developer Fusty Games explained.

Jet Set Radio composer Hideki Naganuma is providing some of the soundtrack along with Nîmes-based studio Midgar.

Furthermore, Hover features Oculus Rift support.

Hover was very successful upon its Kickstarter campaign last year where it more than tripled its $38K goal with an ending tally of $116,398

A full release, which should add more characters, missions, environments, story and general polish, is expected in spring 2016 along with PS4, Xbox One and Wii U ports.

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