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Steam to receive its first AO-rated game in June

It's Hatred, the grizzly civilian murdering romp.

Grungy civilian mass murdering game Hatred is coming to PC via Steam on 1st June, making it the first AO [Adult's Only] rated game to appear on Valve's popular distribution service, developer Destructive Creations told Eurogamer.

Death in June.

The controversial game was initially pulled from Steam Greenlight before Valve had a change of heart and Gabe Newell personally emailed the developer to apologise for its hasty reaction. Once reinstated, Hatred quickly became the most requested game on Steam Greenlight. And, well, the people have spoken. Let them eat lead!

Destructive Creations explained that its release date was carefully chosen to not interfere with the launch of the biggest game coming out from its native Poland at that time. "Initially we were planning to announce the release date for Hatred on May 19th, but... well honestly speaking we will be playing The Witcher 3 then," said creative director Jarosław Zieliński.

Hatred can be pre-ordered on the game's official site for €16.66, and pre-orders come with a complementary soundtrack.

Here's a new trailer showing how Hatred is shaping up. What do you make of it? Does it look like senseless violence? Is that the point? What does that mean? Is it a parody? Is it a tasteless spin on what could otherwise be a cool horror story where you play as the monster? Opinions are all over the board on this one, it seems.

For more on Hatred, our Aoife Wilson explains some of her concerns.

Cover image for YouTube videoHatred - "Human Shields" Gameplay Trailer