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Double Fine offers Broken Age Vita online bug workaround

Can't play the game offline? Try this.

Broken Age just launched on PS4 and Vita, only there's a problem with the handheld version where many folks are reporting that they can't play the game when offline. This is especially odd given that it's a single-player game. As it turns out, this is a bug. But Double Fine is aware of it, working on a fix, and has discovered a temporary workaround.

"It seems that if you start the game whilst connected to wifi, then say leave the house and get on a bus and try to play with no wifi, the game freaks out," Double Fine community manager James Spafford told Eurogamer.

"This is most likely the issue where a user logged into PSN without a WiFi connection gets a bunch of pop-ups and sometimes a crash," he explained.

"We hope to get a patch out for it in the next few weeks," Spafford added. But in the meantime, here's a workaround straight from the horse's mouth:

  • Log out of PSN and try to launch the game (you can still be 'logged in' to PSN even with no internet connection).
  • Don't skip the pop-ups quickly. Let each one sit for five seconds and then tap okay.

Hopefully that will work for you. Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead found Double Fine's Kickstarted adventure to be something of a mixed bag. "It's always a very likable game, but one that never fully reconciles itself, never seizes its potential in the way Vella and Shay strive to," he wrote in his Broken Age: Act 2 review.

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Broken Age

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