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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil announced via gameplay trailer

UPDATE: Scripted by Rhianna Pratchett, headed to PC, PS4, Xbox One.

UPDATE 23/4/15 2.15pm Codemasters has now officially unveiled Overlord: Fellowship of Evil for launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

The third major game in the series, Fellowship of Evil has been shaped into an action RPG that seems somewhat similar to Diablo. It also looks like it will support up to four players simultaneously.

Despite this, you will still be summoning minions to do you your bidding.

Fellowship of Evil will also see the return of real-world Overlord 2 scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett and fictional minion master Gnarl, once again voiced by actor Marc Silk.

"We really wanted to do something that would allow us be evil alongside our friends," explained Codemasters exec Rob Elser, addressing the gameplay changes. "The idea of playing as a team of bad guys commanding minions to do our utmost bidding, while also causing chaos for each other, just really made us smile. And as you know, an Overlord game never takes itself too seriously."

“Finally the secret dark rituals have paid off!” added "Mistress of Scrolls" Rhianna Pratchett. “I'm often asked if there'll be another Overlord game, so it's wonderful to be back in black helping to create a new carnage-filled evil ride. This is one game franchise which has been as fun to develop as it is to play, and Fellowship of Evil is no exception. And don't worry, there will be sheepies. We have plans for them. Oh yes!”

See how it looks in the gameplay trailer below:

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UPDATE 22/4/15 4.30pm A new trailer from Codemasters has teased the return of Overlord, its fantasy Dungeon Keeper-meets-Pikmin franchise.

A brief shot of new gameplay from the trailer below.

The video, embedded below, recaps the series so far before showing split-second flashes of fresh four-player gameplay.

Codemasters will reveal the new project in full tomorrow, 23rd April, at 2pm UK time.

The original Overlord was crafted by Age of Wonders developer Triumph Studios and launched back in 2007 for PC and Xbox 360, then a year later for PlayStation 3.

Overlord 2 then arrived in 2009, again developed by Triumph although now boasting a script penned by Rhianna Pratchett.

Wii and DS spin-offs created by Assassin's Creed: Chronicles studio Climax were launched alongside it.

The franchise has been taking a breather ever since.

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