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Don't Starve Together adds Reign of Giants content for free

New characters, and seasons, and bosses. Oh my!

Don't Starve Together, the standalone multiplayer spin-off of gothic wilderness survival sim Don't Starve, has received a bulk of the added content from the original game's Reign of Giants DLC.

This is every spider's worst nightmare.

This means you can now play as the carnivorous Valkyrie-impersonating method actress Wigfrid, and Webber, a young boy who lives inside a spider. Think Peter Parker gone awry.

There are also a couple of new seasons: spring and summer. Spring brings heavy rain and deadly flora, while summer tasks players with avoiding dehydration. The season previously known as summer is now considered autumn. Each season also has its own giant lurking about.

Furthermore, there will be two new biomes: the Desert and the Deciduous Forest. Each of these has new items and enemies.

There are some minor mechanical changes in this update too. Livestock in your inventory will now need food to stay alive, food left on crockpots and drying racks can now spoil, too much rain without a good coat now reduces your sanity, and wooden structures are now inflammable.

Klei also tweaked a few of Reign of Giants' mechanics to better complement Don't Starve Together. Giants will appear more frequently, fire spreads slower than before, the Ice Flingomatic has an emergency mode that detects when too many things are burning down in quick succession, and Thermal Stone's colours are now based on temperature relative the the world rather than fixed temperatures.

Unfortunately, if you want to enjoy the new content, you'll have to start a new playthrough. Saves will transfer, but you won't start seeing the new content until you generate a new world.

Don't Starve Together is still on Steam Early Access where it's currently 20 per cent off at £13.99 / $18.39 until 24th April.

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