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Don't Starve's piggy themed DLC expansion Hamlet has left early access

Snout now on PC.

Gothic wilderness survival adventure Don't Starve is celebrating the full release of its piggy themed DLC expansion Hamlet on PC, arriving after just over seven months of early access development.

Hamlet is developer Klei Entertainment's third DLC expansion for Don't Starve, following on from behemoth-flavoured Reign of Giants and the nautically themed Shipwrecked, and sees players travelling deep into a foreboding tropical jungle.

Hamlet's inevitably perilous new biome introduces previously unseen wildlife and seasons, and features some notable landmarks among the dense, unwelcoming foliage. There are mysterious, trap- and treasure-filled ruins waiting to be explored - the last remnants of an ancient pig civilisation - and a secluded town of aristocratic Pigmen, where players can slowly reacclimatise to society after all that time in the wild.

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Out in the jungle, there are new crafting opportunities, courtesy of a variety of new recipes and ingredients, and players can indulge in more modern pursuits back in the titular hamlet, visiting shops, trading with Pigmen, or even buying a home to renovate.

Don't Starve's latest DLC expansion also introduces three new characters in the form of reluctant ruler Princess Wilba, a fearless (and slightly lost) aeronaut called Wheeler, and a mysterious creature known as Wormwood. Additionally, Klei is making another new character - reckless inventor Wagstaff - available to everyone that owns Don't Starve's base game.

Don't Starve: Hamlet is available now on Steam and costs £5.19/$6.99 USD.