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Bloodborne patch 1.03 released

Improves loading times by approx. 5-15 seconds.

UPDATE: Digital Foundry has spent the day analysing the new Bloodborne patch. The five-to-15 second load-time improvement is spot on. Even better, respawn times - not mentioned in the patch notes - have been as much as cut in half in Central Yharnam.

ORIGINAL STORY: Bloodborne patch 1.03 has been released on PlayStation 4, and it significantly reduces game loading times.

The main issues addressed, as listed by the Japanese PlayStation website, are:

  • Reduced loading times (approx. 5-15 seconds; may vary by circumstance)
  • Fixed bug that left certain lifts and elevators inoperable
  • Fixed bug that resulted in bosses becoming immobilised
  • Fixed bug that left players unable to advance NPC events during multiplayer
  • When the PS4 is put into Rest Mode during online play, the game will now return to the main title screen upon resuming play. This will resolve matchmaking issues related to Suspend/Resume
  • Other various bug fixes
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