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Killing Floor 2 due on Steam Early Access in two weeks

₤19.99 for three levels, seven characters and more.

Killing Floor 2 is coming to Steam Early Access on 21st April, developer Tripwire Interactive has announced.

The co-op zombie-slaying action affair will go for ₤19.99 / €26.99 / $29.99 and will feature the following content:

  • Three non-linear levels
  • Four perk classes
  • 27 weapons
  • 11 Zeds
  • Seven playable characters
  • One boss
  • Mod SDK supporting custom level creation

Killing Floor 2 will boast 95 death animations per enemy type and high production values in general as Tripwire has expanded from 10 people to around 50 due to the success of the first Killing Floor, which has sold upwards of 3m copies.

This sequel is also coming to PS4, though the developer insists the game won't be "consolised", but will help finance a more robust product as it should sell a lot more with a multiplatform release. "In the end PC gamers get almost double the features and content as the developer could have afforded to make if they released the game on a single platform alone," explained Tripwire president John Gibson last December.

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