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Killing Floor 2 lands November on PC, PS4

Bloody hell.

Steam Early Access hit Killing Floor 2 launches for PC and PlayStation 4 on 18th November, priced £29.99.

The co-op shooter promises "visceral gore", a "high-powered persistent blood system bringing new levels of fidelity" and the ability to "send entrails, severed limbs and blood flying".

It's gory, then.

This grisly sequel follows the first Killing Floor game, which began life as an Unreal Tournament mod and ended up selling 2.5m copies.

New for this second slice is a fresh animation system delightfully named MEAT - Massive Evisceration and Trauma - which allows you to finish off zombies in all number of ways.

Up to six players can join up for online multiplayer, or you can sit at home with the curtains closed and play by yourself instead.

There's also a 12-person competitive survival mode with teams of humans and Zed enemies.

Killing Floor 2 previously hit the headlines when its Early Access version added microtransactions on PC - a decision which was not welcomed with open arms.

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