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Diablo 3 patch 2.2 out, turns Legendary items up to 11

And potions are now bottomless.

There's a really meaty new Diablo 3 patch out on PC and consoles (PS4 and Xbox One).

The main focus is adding new Legendary items as well as redesigning old ones. That includes class sets - and there are three new class sets (for wizard, barbarian, demon hunter) to collect.

Many items will have new Legendary powers, many others their powers drastically increased. One Monk set - Inna's Mantra - now has a six-pieces set bonus where your Mystic Ally clone now copies your special attacks whenever you perform them, effectively doubling them.

Another monk set, Raiment of a Thousand storms, can boost your Dashing Strike damage by an eye-popping 12500 per cent for six seconds!

New legendary powers include one on a barbarian ring - Skull Grasp - that increases the damage of the Whirlwind ability by 300-400 per cent weapon damage, which is insane. I can't wait to use it.

The bad news is that if you already own some of the redesigned Legendary items, you'll have to loot them all over again to get their redesigned powers. Class set bonuses are different - they'll change automatically on stuff you already own.

Should alter your builds significantly - that's the hope.

Aside from that there are a bunch of quality of life changes, including bottomless health potions on your hotbar, so you won't have to worry about looting them (or buying them) any more. Old-style potions have been removed from the game.

Similarly, there's less looting to do; when you click on one dropped crafting material, it picks all of them up nearby. Same goes for gems.

That's it in a nutshell but there's loads more new stuff besides. Full PC patch 2.2 notes and accompanying console patch notes are up on

If you think it's crazy at the beginning, wait until the end.Watch on YouTube

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