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Invisible, Inc spies May release date

PS4 version announced.

Invisible, Inc, the upcoming turn-based stealth adventure from Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja developer Klei Entertainment, will officially launch for PC, Mac and Linux via Steam on 12th May.

The bad news is that it's been removed from Steam Early Access during its last four weeks in development. "We want everyone to experience the game in its fully realised version when it launches," the developer explained in its announcement on Steam. "If you already own the Early Access version, you can of course continue playing the development build."

It sounds like Klei is adding quite a lot of content since the Early Access edition, as the full game will feature "new agents, programs, augments, game modes, and more."

Excitingly, Invisibles, Inc has been slated for a PS4 release. Klei noted that it doesn't yet have a release window for this console port, but it's already in progress.

Our Chris Donlan loved Invisible, Inc's Early Access build. "You feel like a spy," he said in his Invisible, Inc impressions. "And - the odd Splinter Cell or Deus Ex aside - that's still a bit of a rarity in a video game."

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