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PlayStation Plus December freebies includes Invisible, Inc.

Stories: The Path of Destinies and VVVVVV coming too.

PlayStation Plus' December Instant Game Collection lets subscribers snag Klei's turn-based infiltration game Invisible, Inc. for free beginning on 6th December.

We were big fans of Invisible, Inc. where we rated it the our 7th favourite game of last year.

Also included in the December PS Plus line-up for PS4 is Stories: The Path of Destinies, a choose-your-own-adventure style isometric fantasy action game about anthropomorphised animals.

Elsewhere, the Vita selection adds Terry Cavanagh's delightful minimalist platformer VVVVVV.

All Sony platforms will receive arcade shmup Hyper Void and isometric shooter Tiny Troopers Join Ops, while auto-running platformer Color Guardians will be available on PS4 and Vita,

Titles leaving the Instant Game Collection on 5th December include Everybody's Gone to The Rapture, The Deadly Tower of Monsters, Dirt 3, Costume Quest 2, Letter Quest Remastered, and Pumped BMX+.

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Invisible, Inc.

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