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Invisible, Inc. is now available on iPad

UPDATE: Contingency Plan DLC is part of the plan, but not included yet.

UPDATE 06/10/2016 11.50pm: When asked if Invisible, Inc's Contingency Plan DLC is available for iPad, the developer offered Eurogamer the following statement:

"Not currently. We are looking to release that at a later date. Unfortunately the porting work to touch / tablet began before Contingency Plan was finished and it didn't make it in. It's something we're looking at adding if we can!"

ORIGINAL STORY 06/10/2016 5.42pm: Klei Entertainment's turn-based infiltration adventure Invisible, Inc. is now available on iPad.

Priced at £3.99 / $4.99, this mobile adaptation of last year's hit contains all the content from its PC release. As such, there's 10 unlockable agents, five game modes, and randomly-generated maps.

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Invisible, Inc. was a big hit at Eurogamer headquarters, particularly among the contingent of those named Chris. Chris Donlan loved Invisible, Inc., which he described in his review as "a game defined by short, sharp thrills", and it was the game Chris Bratt wouldn't shut up about before XCOM 2.

Invisible, Inc. was so beloved around these parts that it was voted our 7th favourite game of last year.

"If you're looking for the purest achievement in the art of game design in 2015, look no further," Eurogamer editor Oli Welsh said of Klei's cult-classic.

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