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Mortal Kombat X to Jason in May

Komes to Kombat Pack owners in a fortnight.

Jason Voorhees, beloved slayer of annoying teenagers from Friday the 13th, will join the kast of Mortal Kombat on 5th May for Season Pass... ahem, Kombat Pack, holders.

Developer Netherrealm Studios made the announcement on its Twitch stream Kombat Kast, where it stated that non-Season Pass owners will have to wait an additional week to play as the hockey masked kamp konnoisseur.

The Kombat Pack kosts £24.99 and will include other kool kharacters like Predator, Tanya and Tremor.

Jason will be further detailed during a Kombat Kast on 4th May.

Eurogamer kontributor Maddy Myers was a fan of Mortal Kombat X. "I guess I love this game for the same reason that Sonya still falls for Johnny Cage's bullshit: the fuzz guitars, the lightning bolts, the strawberry-jam blood stains, and the action movie hyperbole," she koncluded in her Mortal Kombat X review.

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