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Mortal Kombat X Fatalities guide

A handy reference list of all the Fatalities in the game.

Mortal Kombat X is out today for consoles and PC, and a few extra bells and whistles aside it mostly sticks to the formula that made the series famous. Namely, you can expect a generous roster of characters tearing each other's vital organs out, using an equally generous collection of pleasantly disgusting, eviscerating moves.

Now, a Mortal Kombat without the kind of heart-stopping (or ripping, for that matter) Fatalities for which the series has become synonymous with is no kind of Mortal Kombat game at all. So, as you'd expect, each of the game's roster of characters has a pair of special Fatality moves which can be used to leave your opponent in no doubt as to who the ultimate victor of each encounter was.

Some are trickier to pull off than others, and the game's already attracted a small amount of controversy by introducing paid-for tokens that grossly simplify the process of putting one of these grim finishing touches into play. You'll get plenty of these tokens through normal gameplay though, and we think you'll want to take the time to demonstrate your mastery the right way.

Mortal Kombat X: 'Bloodier and Nastier' X-Ray Moves

With that in mind, we've gathered together all of the currently known Fatalities in the game, and put them into a collection of charts for each character. We think you should find these easy enough to reference from your mobile phone, while you lounge around on the sofa and idly browse through your opponents' innards. We'll update this article in the next few days with any missing odds and ends.

Mortal Kombat X Fatalities guide

Cassie Cage Fatalities

Bubble Head MidForwards, Down, Back, Forwards, XForwards, Down, Back, Forwards, Square
SelfieNearDown, Forwards, Down, Back, BDown, Forwards, Down, Back, Circle

D'Vorah Fatalities

Bug MeMidBack, Forwards, Back, X Back, Forwards, Back, X
Heart BrokenNearForwards, Back, Forwards, YForwards, Back, Forwards, Triangle

Ermac Fatalities

Inner WorkingsMidDown, Up, BackDown, Up, Back
Head OutMidForwards, Down, Down, UpForwards, Down, Down, Up

Erron Black Fatalities

SandstormMidDown, Back, Forwards, Down, XDown, Back, Forwards, Down, Square
Six ShooterFarBack, Forwards, Back, Forwards, YBack, Forwards, Back, Forwards, Triangle

Ferra / Torr Fatalities

Better Than OneNearForwards, Back, Forwards, Back, XForwards, Back, Forwards, Back, X
Play TimeMidDown, Back, Forwards, Back, BackDown, Back, Forwards, Back, Back

Goro Fatalities

Peek-A-BooNearBack, Forwards, Down, CircleBack, Forwards, Down, B
Shokan AmputationNearBack, Down, Down, UpBack, Down, Down, Up

Jacqui Briggs Fatalities

Blown OutNearBack, Forwards, Back, Forwards, YBack, Forwards, Back, Forwards, Triangle
Fist PumpNearForwards, Down, Back, BForwards, Down, Back, Circle

Jason Vorhees Fatalities


Jax Fatalities

T-WrecksNearForwards, Back, Down, YForwards, Back, Down, Triangle
Jack The RibberNearDown, Back, Forwards, ForwardsDown, Back, Forwards, Forwards

Johnny Cage Fatalities

Here's JohnnyNearBack, Forwards, Back, Forwards, XBack, Forwards, Back, Forwards, Square
Little Improv MidForwards, Back, Forwards, ForwardsForwards, Back, Forwards, Forwards

Kano Fatalities

Head CaseNearDown, Forwards, Down, Back, XDown, Forwards, Down, Back, X
Knife To Meet YouFarDown, Down, Forwards, XDown, Down, Forwards, Square

Kenshi Fatalities

Tele-CopterFarBack, Forwards, Back, BackBack, Forwards, Back, Back
My PuppetFarForwards, Down, Back, Up, XForwards, Down, Back, Up, Square

Kitana Fatalities

Dark Fan-tasyMidDown, Forwards, Back, Forwards, YDown, Forwards, Back, Forwards, Triangle
Splitting HairsMidBack, Forwards, Down, DownBack, Forwards, Down, Down

Kotal Khan Fatalities

Be MineNearDown, Back, Forwards, XDown, Back, Forwards, Square
Tight Squeeze NearForwards, Back, Forwards, Back, YForwards, Back, Forwards, Back, Triangle

Kung Jin Fatalities

Target PracticeNearDown, Forwards, Down, Back, YDown, Forwards, Down, Back, Triangle
Pinned DownMidForwards, Back, Down, Down, XForwards, Back, Down, Down, Square

Kung Lao Fatalities

Face GrindNearDown, Back, Down, Forwards, BDown, Back, Down, Forwards, Circle
Flower PotNearDown, Forwards, Down, Back, XDown, Forwards, Down, Back, Square

Liu Kang Fatalities

Sore ThroatNearDown, Down, Back, Forwards, ForwardsDown, Down, Back, Forwards, Forwards
SplitterNearBack, Forwards, Down, UpBack, Forwards, Down, Up

Mileena Fatalities

Face FeastNearDown, Back, Down, Back, XDown, Back, Down, Back, X
Tasty TreatNearForwards, Back, Forwards, BackForwards, Back, Forwards, Back

Predator Fatalities


Quan Chi Fatalities

Mind GameFarForwards, Back, Forwards, Back, BForwards, Back, Forwards, Back, Circle
Both EndsNearDown, Forwards, Back, Forwards, YDown, Forwards, Back, Forwards, Triangle

Raiden Fatalities

Bug EyesNearForwards, Back, Forwards, XForwards, Back, Forwards, Square
Conducting RodFarDown, Forwards, Back, Forwards, BDown, Forwards, Back, Forwards, Circle

Reptile Fatalities

Bad BreathFarDown, Forwards, Down, Forwards, B Down, Forwards, Down, Forwards, Circle
Acid BathNearDown, Down, Back, Forwards, XDown, Down, Back, Forwards, Square

Scorpion Fatalities

Stop AheadMidDown, Back, Forwards, YDown, Back, Forwards, Triangle
Who's Next?MidDown, Back, Forwards, UpDown, Back, Forwards, Up

Shinnok Fatalities

The GrinderMidDown, Back, Forwards, Down, UpDown, Back, Forwards, Down, Up
Flick TrickMidDown, Up+RT, Down, Up+RTDown, Up+R2, Down, Up+R2

Sonya Blade Fatalities

Target MarkedNearDown, Down, Back, Forwards, RTDown, Down, Back, Forwards, R2
Head HunterMidForwards, Back, Down, Back, YForwards, Back, Down, Back, Triangle

Sub-Zero Fatalities

Chest KoldNearBack, Forwards, Down, Back, BBack, Forwards, Down, Back, Circle
Bed of IceNearDown, Back, Down, Forwards, BDown, Back, Down, Forwards, Circle

Takeda Fatalities

Whip It GoodMidDown, Forwards, Down, Back, YDown, Forwards, Down, Back, Triangle
Head CageMidForwards, Back, Down, Down, XForwards, Back, Down, Down, Square

Tanya Fatalities


Tremor Fatalities


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