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Windows usernames causing GTA 5 PC installation issues

Special characters fudging it up.

If your Windows username contains characters outside of the alphabet or numbers one-to-10 then you may run into issues playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC.

A fix is currently being worked on, Rockstar said, but until it's ready you may have troubles connecting to the update service.

You can either wait or you can make a new Windows Administrator User Account without any special characters to tackle the issue. There's a guide on how to do this on Rockstar's site.

The Steam store page for GTA 5 highlights the same issue.

Digital Foundry is working on its own thorough analysis on GTA 5. Graphics drivers by Nvidia and AMD are already available for the new PC game.

Some people do have the game up and running, and have recorded GTA 5 PC running at max settings in order to make everyone else feel jealous.

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