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Goat Simulator herded to Xbox consoles

UPDATE: Out today on Xbox One - the buck stops here.

UPDATE 17/4/15 14.40pm: Goat Simulator's Xbox 360 version should also be available today, developer Double Eleven has told Eurogamer.

UPDATE 17/4/15 13.30pm: No kidding - Goat Simulator is now available on Xbox One, priced £7.99.

The 878.25MB download will let you be a goat, climb things as a goat, lick things as a goat and turn into a "tall goat" (a giraffe).

It doesn't look like the Xbox 360 edition is live yet, but we'll update this article again as soon as we've herd more.

ORIGINAL STORY 13/4/15 16.45pm: Goat Simulator is coming to both Xbox One and Xbox 360 in April, Microsoft has announced.

No specific release date or price has been announced, though if it comes out on 1st April that would coincide with the game's anniversary. We're also not sure whether this console port will include the World of Warcraft parody free update.

Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead found Goat Simulator to be an amusing sandbox of physical comedy. "It's rough around the edges, and amuses only for a short but sweet time, which may lead some to look askance at the price tag. Yet there are plenty of games which cost more and entertain far less, so while Goat Simulator is a joke, it's at least one in which the player is a willing participant," he wrote in his Goat Simulator review.

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