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Tekken / Galaga crossover is real

UPDATE: Out now in Europe.

UPDATE 30/04/2015 7.50pm Galaga Tekken 20th Anniversary Edition is out now worldwide as a free download on iOS and Android devices, Bandai Namco Entertainment of Europe has announced.

In addition to swapping Galaga's ships out with Tekken characters, this crossover also employ's Tekken Tag's mechanic of allowing you to call in addition fighters to deal extra damage alongside you.

“With Galaga: Tekken 20TH Anniversary Edition, we wanted to give our fans something unexpected to celebrate such a huge milestone for Tekken. The crossover gameplay is sure to surprise and delight bothTEKKEN and Galaga fans," said Tekken series chief producer and director Katsuhiro Harada.

ORIGINAL STORY 27/04/2015 5.12pm The Tekken / Galaga crossover we reported on for April Fools' Day has turned out to be an actual product, albeit only in Japan.

As reported by Famitsu (translated via Siliconera), this hybrid, simply titled Galaga Tekken 20th Anniversary Edition, will debut 30th April as a free download on Japanese iOS devices.

Celebrating two decades of Tekken, the crossover is basically Galaga with the ships replaced by 8-bit sprites of Tekken characters. There's also a Pac-Man cameo. Can we now say these all exist in the same universe now?

Galaga Tekken 20th Anniversary Edition looks a little something like this:

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